Wayang Golek, Traditional Wooden Puppet from West Java

Wooden Puppet (Wayang Golek) performance is a typical Sundanese art performance. This art performance shows a drama performed by wooden puppets, which resemble human body equipped with their custome. In its early development, this art performance is show by a wooden puppeteer in traditional ceremonies, such as village cleaning-up, exorcism, and many others.

Philosophically, the word wayang (puppet) means shadow. Wayang is a representation of human’s character such as anger, benevolence, greedy, and many others. In every wooden puppet performance, a moral massage is always delivered to remind us to always obey the God and do good deeds to other people.

Doll or puppet is a very popular media, in society generally and Indonesia pad a Sundanese community in particular. In pungolek toy or puppet is made in particular by shaping of the leaf midrib material cassava or cassava. By forming and menganyamnya, made ​​some character that sets it apart is the direction of the nose. If the knight lungguh nose down towards the bottom and if the gallant ladak nose ahead. Toys are played alone, and imitating a puppeteer. goleknya play.

These toys were first produced for parents, as long as her parents were children playing in the fields seoarang gogolekan this. After that is usually made ​​by the children themselves with a wide variety of forms depending on the creativity. A child will create their own stories and sound like a puppeteer, the most popular figure of the Find or puppet among children is the Billy Glass figures, which have jangjang or wings on the back.

Gogolekan gogolekan play with one that is the way the puppet dance, and mouth sianak will imitate gamelan sounds like the puppet show or puppet. And played with two gogolekan gogolekan with playing like he was fighting or pretend to speak privately. The color of gogolekan itself when it first made ​​usually colored red and brown midrib material for wearing cassava leaves are old and supple. Eventually the same color will be brown and dry.

photos taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/wanzai99/4317522053/

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