Patenggang Lake, +1,600 m, Southern Bandung

Lake Patenggang or better known as Patenggang situ by local communities, occupying an area about 150 ha. Formerly this area is a nature reserve areas or national parks, but in 1981 has been officially transformed into a tourist park.

To enjoy the tourist boats have facilities that can be rented for around a small island at the end of the lake is named Sasuka Island. This island seems shady with many tall trees that grow in it. While there are locations across the lake is quite interesting that given the name Stone Love is said to believe will provide the continuity of love for the couple who came to this place.


This region has a legend that appears Patenggang Situ name. History or myth about this situ surface caused by a prince and a princess who fell in love. But they do not travel as smooth as love and as beautiful as that envisioned by them because separated by circumstances. So that their tears formed a lake there or. Later the lake was named in situ Patenggang taken from pateangan-teangan word derived from the language which means sunda looking at each other.

In the end they can be together again on a rock there is a rock called love. It is said that anyone who had been visiting with her partner, then their love will be eternal.
photos taken from edited by : Dadan Supardan

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