Merak Dance, Traditional Welcoming Dance from West Java

Merak dance is a traditional folk dance originating from Pasundan land, West Java. This dance was created by Raden Tjetjep Somantri in 1950s and it had been rearrange by Irawati Durban in 1965. Merak in English means Peacock bird.

From its name, it clearly describes the dance that symbolize the elegant of peacock movements. Merak dance is can be performed solo or in groups. The dancers of this beautiful dance are wearing scarf that perform the tail of the peacock with multicolor scenic tone. Moreover, the dancers are also wearing the crown a la peacock head crown.

Merak dance is having delicate hand movements and it follows by traditional ‘Gamelan’ music, that becomes the main characteristic of this dance.

Each movement in this dance is meaningful and happy, that is why it sometime becomes the welcome dance to greet the guest of honor in wedding ceremony.
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